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Friday, 16 December 2011 07:21

So much happens every day, it's almost hard to keep up let alone get ahead.  I've started getting things together to get a Fawkes Virus section added to the Revolution section.  In it I am going to tell you how to get "infected" by it, i.e. a number of good people to start adding as friends and how to go from there.  Overall, tap into every social network you can, open up different tabs, utilize RSS feeds.  It's information overload if you don't know how to handle it, I know my wife thinks I'm nuts for being able to pay attention on one site let alone multiple.  In inspiration of the network(I think of it as a unity consciousness, the future):

We Run This (v2.0)



Currently, shit is hitting the fan at heavy rates.  Unfortunately, many people still aren't even looking at the fan and don't see it coming at them.  There has been lots of public unrest at everything that is happening with the NDAA and SOPA.  There is another thing going on that is lesser know, but becoming more public.  It could all be one big show, it's all happening at once practically.  So you have the NDAA, it basically allows the gov't to detain anyone that they want in the world, they just have to call them a terrorist.  Kind of stupid if you ask me, considering terrorist is a qualitative term and most people would consider them the terrorists.  Do you think they will lock themselves up? I would think not, but they may consider you a terrorist and have you locked up because they say you are one.  I am just going to link to another article about it on Anondora.  I recommend others join this site if you haven't already, you can get great news from this site.  It's new, but bound to be a great site.  It's part of the "Fawkes Virus" I would say, whether it knows it or not.

Essentially we are looking at heavy lockdown all at once.  Now the lesser know thing that I was talking about.  If it all turns out to be true it's a huge game changer.  There is a $1trillion USD lawsuit going on and this could be the deathblow.  It was covered by David Wilcock on the Divine Cosmos website and he had an interview with Benjamin Fulford which covered a number of major things.  I've followed David Wilcock's stuff for a while now.  His recent book is very interesting and really explains what he calls "The Source Field".  It really makes sense if you have belief in...I'd say spirituality, but some may get turned off by that.  You could also say higher dimensions or that we don't fully understand the world.  While going through PM2012 material there are many references to it all.  Some of his stuff is a bit on the far fetched side or some of it is just wrong (due to a lack of understanding a few of the things).  For example, there is a such thing as "radiant" energy that is not tied to any of this and it is only tied to the radio/tv waves.  You can harness that energy and use it for electricity.  Proof of concept is to just take the line going to the antenna on your house and a line going to the ground on your house and hook up a multimeter between them, you can see voltage.  The swedish stone is such a thing that harnessed this energy, however it is very similar to the "source field".  This voltage used to be higher, they used to put a lot more power into the air.   Back to the story, basically there is this $1trillion dollar lawsuit being placed by the Dragon Family (a.k.a. White Dragon Society) and the details of all this are in the article along with updates to what's been going on.  Basically after the article, Benjamin Fulford mysteriously disappeared for a little while and then claimed he just forgot about an appointment.  David Wilcock received a death threat and was told to finish the second part.  Here is the article:
He was on a few radio shows, there was one where they were in contact with an interesting "Anonymous" caller.  I must say, I absolutely loved the caller :).  He starts at about 32 minutes in.  If all this turns out to be true, things really kinda make sense and things are going to get really interesting in the world...even more than they already are. EDIT: I do want to say that this does look like some big charade, time will tell though.
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