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Monday, 23 January 2012 23:27

It's been well over a month since I've written a new article, there is just so much to do.  I'll pretty much be cathing up on everything this week (although since I'm not at home, I won't be transferring the site to a different server yet).  I figured I'd at least get a new article in to start it off :)  I don't even know where to start with everthing though.  There is a lot that happens.  I'm going to give a preview of one of the things I was working on, what I consider to be the Fawkes Virus.  I'm still not seeing anything along the lines of actual computer virus.  Actually, since I'm considerably linked in right now to the various "awakened" groups on FB, I'm seeing very few viruses at all.  In hindsight, this kind of makes sense, the people who don't think are the ones that click on that "OMG FREE IPAD" crap.  Anyways, if anyone has seen anything credible, please let me know.  Doesn't matter, you are responsible for your own actions.  There was an awesome PM2012 video put out a few days ago:


"Use this virus.

Stop being a passive lurker in life. Start being an ACTIVE ARTIST.

Stop being a user. Start being a Programmer.

There is no governor anywhere; YOU ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

There is no restraint that cannot be escaped. WE ARE ALL ABSOLUTELY FREE

Bee Change.

Bee Free.

Bee Anonymous.

Go forth and multiply."

Like I said, awesome!  There are a number of people who still need to understand things, like "Illuminati", but overall I think many people get the idea (usually the smarter ones that will look further).  Lots more PM2012 education to get out there.  Speaking oV which, there is a Project Mayhem 2012 group that someone started on Anondora.  Ive been putting some of the more important info on there as I can.  The group can bee found here.


I hadn't really gotten to the "About this site" section yet, but I am going to pretty much state it now.  Basically, I'm looking to educate as many people as possible and make it easy for them to do the same.  I've just been swamped.  One of the main thing I am trying to do is make it really easy for everyone to connect to everyone else and get everyone working together.  Many people exist in many different parts of the internet.  This is the Fawkes virus (maybe now it will just be called the PM2012 virus).  This is a big part of PM2012, simply put, directly from the source -

United as One - Divided by Zero. Go Forth and Multiply:



This is the next form of evolution, we are all a connected consciousness.  I prefer to think of it as the tribe of many colors (red, black, white, yellow).  Art and media influences and since we are all connected, you merely need to put out good, logical material for the idea to flow hard and succeed.  Anything worthwhile explodes through social networking.  With the Occupy movement, that network has become quite solid, and continues to grow as people realize it.  This is what I hope to put in the Fawkes Virus section, how to insert yourself into this consciousness.  Beware though, if you have a really bad or aggressive stance towards something, you will likely get people seeing your true colors.  Every time you see a Facebook attack announced (very often, lol), you quickly see people telling them to piss off, or calling it "fake".  It's not fake, someone clearly wanted to try and start something, the general consensus quickly comes back with a rejection though.

Here is part of the Fawkes Virus (PM2012?) chart that I've started on to explain things.  I am trying to think of a way to show various subnetworks within social networking and how that all works. EDIT: Yeah...realized megaupload is in there...probably have to mark that one specially, a loss for the good guys.


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