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Written by Xonox   
Friday, 09 November 2012 08:54

TYLER's release date was November 5th, but many people probably wonder where it is.  There wasn't a good software version of TYLER released on this date.  We are able to admit our mistakes and losses, we don't lie to ourselves about it.  We eVolve from it.  The concept of TYLER is not a bad one and it will continue to be worked on by various groups in various forms.  TYLER itself is quite a big project, it could also be that those working on such a project also got hung up on problems with it.  How often does software come out on time?  It is only a matter of time before a software version of TYLER comes out.  There are many people ready to test it out and look through the code, but there aren't as many able to write such a program.  The closest candidates that we know of right now are a project called trouspinet and gnunet, but both need work to be made worthy of being considered TYLER.

While the software version of TYLER has failed, there is a human version of TYLER already in place.  No doubt that there will be some that think this is just a BS reply, but the network of people that has been created through Anon, PM2012, Occupy, and whatever else, is very large.  This network also has the kind of trust relationships that are looked for, but that's not to say it's infallible.  If someone leaking gets info to some of these people and these people broadcast that info, others are sure to see the info and look into it.  The hard part is determining how trustworthy the sources are, but there is a distributed network setup.  If you were to ask around in Occupy groups, you would likely be able to find someone that knows how to spread important info.

This was probably all best said in a post on the forums made by apokalypsos, you can read it here.  A software TYLER has not appeared, battles are lost, but the war is only lost if you give up.  My outlook is:

Is your Magick working?

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Written by Xonox   
Monday, 05 November 2012 07:52

Today is the day to bring TYLER candidates into the world.  A thread has been opened where you can post your TYLER candidates or candidates you come across.  The thread can be located here.  From the thread:


This thread is meant to organize all TYLER candidates in an ORDOerly FASChion for memVers of The Collective™ to audit, test, and report any issues, ideas, or things of that nature.


'Ordo ab KOH.'

On the 5th of November 2012, TYLER will be out of beta testing. There are expected to be many versions of TYLER to be released.
On this day, the cypherhacker community is expected to audit all codes, along with choosing the best TYLER candidate. This massive code audit will be done from November 5th to December 11th. TYLER will be fully operational and released wild on the internet on December 12th, along an outpouring response to TYLER's arrival through social media by you, the people. 

RememVer, All TYLER candidates should be released with Source Code for audit and can be submitted via Twitter hashtag #TYLERCandidate

TYLER Pastebin (Cryptographically signed by PM2012)

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Written by Xonox   
Monday, 24 September 2012 14:58

First of all, I would like to say you're welcome and thank you to everyone out there that has thanked me for work that I've put in.  However, I would also like to say that all the work done is only partly me and is something that you could very easily do yourself also.  Much of what I've been trying to do is support work done by others, all of you.  The power lies in your actions, I am just one person and only have time to do so much(mostly due to money and the way the system works), but together we are strong and we will immanentize the eschaton.  If you don't know how to do something all you have to do is search the web for a tutorial or ask someone to help you learn.  When time allows, we'll put up a tutorials on how to setup a websites, graphics, sounds, social networking, etc.  If there is a demand for any of these we can work on them right away, just request it on the forums.  I've talked with many awesome people in recent times, it's great to know you are all out there.  Keep up the great work!

One of these days we'll work on getting more front page articles out, however that clearly hasn't happened yet :D  Anyways, the last couple months have been very busy months. Time just continues to pass by quicker and quicker.  There have been a few updates to the site since the last article.  It's usually posted on the forums when something new gets added or fixed.  Most updates have been cleanup and fixing things, but we've also started adding new video channels to the list.  The most recent video channels are AnonShitéVeriDoctores, and MajiCJack.  The former 2 are PM2012-related and the latter is a music artist.  On the video channels page you will see a few more music artists that we will be adding.  If you'd like to see any of their particular videos on their channel, post a link to the video in the forums and ask for it to be added.  We're also looking at adding channels for Robert Anton Wilson, Terrance McKenna, and other notable people.

We'd be more than happy to make a channel for you also, just post a channel or playlist on the forums, tell us you'd like to make it a channel, and we'll look into it.  Our only restrictions are that the videos don't promote violence.  I know there have been some aggresive videos put out there by some Anons(and others).  I see quite a few come across my subs on YT.  Personally, I recognize it as either cointelpro-type of operation, misunderstanding on someone's part, or someone that actually feels that way.  If someone actually feels like bringing aggression or pain upon another it's a sad thing indeed. I've only ever seen loVe and LuLz through PM2012.  One of the best things to do is not to viralize it.  Viralize what you do support.

I actually started this article about a month ago and am just now finishing it.  We'll work on getting smaller and more updates as things happen.  It's also given time to give the graphics and upgrade; It's been a while since the last one.  The links that were posted in the forum have been gone through and added to the links in the links section.  There have been new categories added to the links section as well.  The /b/ees toolbar has had the dead/inactive links pulled for now.  Par:AnoIA and anonuk has been added.  A new radio station has been added to the Unsensored toolbar from the anonuk site, AnonUkIre.

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