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Written by Xonox   
Saturday, 21 December 2013 23:11

So, how has the last year treated you?  Many things have been changing and growing over the last year.  Project Mayhem 2012 has planted trees, the tree have beKome seed trees, and the world is constantly being sowed with new seeds.  The garden grows even amongst the corruption and darkness that surrounds it.  We'd love to hear about any new projects you have going now, in this article we'll talk about some of the projects and changes that have occurred over the year.  All the spam has been cleared up on the forums and this site will be more active again.  We're opening up the "Library of Knowledge" section finally today with a couple new articles for the site.  One is for free bitcoins and the other is only partially completed, but it has enough info in order to be put up(it will be completed more as time goes on, there will be a lot to it).


Where to start....let's discuss bitcoin.  Last year at this time they were worth about $13-$14 USD per 1 BTC(I actually thought it was more like $30, but this chart is telling me differently).  Either way, it's been quite the year for bitcoin.  First of all came the bailout of the Cyprus banks in March, which really opened up the public's eyes to it.  Nowadays, many people at least know what Bitcoin is.  The bank bailouts in Cyprus caused an increase in people investing in Bitcoin from the loss of trust in the banking systems.  After it reached it's peak, people who were in it to make some quick money pulled out and it fell a little bit, then continued on at a growth slightly higher than it was before.  It really started taking off again in November because of the U.S. congressional hearing about it.  This drove it's value to up over $1000 USD / BTC over the month of November.  It hit it's peak again and people started selling off, thus super charing the roller coaster driven by people that are just trying to make money off it.  Since then it's mostly been downhill over the last month due to China's stance on the situation and as of writing this it's a little over $600 USB / BTC.  It is worth roughly 40x what it was a year ago at this time.  About this time last year someone also made a bitcoin donation to the site of PHI/10 BTC, THANK YOU!  I've held onto these and I now know what I'm going to do with them, which is to hopefully setup a faucet and give free BTC to people.  If any money or bitcoin is made on the ads it will be added to the faucet and go into another wallet to help fund better hosting for the site.  Sorry, but there are probably going to be some ads added to the site also for this reason.  They will be fairly obvious though and always in the same place.  We'll be getting more articles up about what bitcoin is and how it works(we'll try to get some in-depth stuff up), but for now here is an article that shows a number of ways you can earn free bitcoins online and get started with no money, at the expense of time and seeing ads mostly.


 The other new section we are opening up in the "Library of Knowledge" is the Cyber Ninja training.  The main page has a general outline that is planned.  We are currently working on finishing the Star Level of training, which involves setting up a virtual machine to use as a sandbox and setting up TOR and I2P to use with it.  The most basic level of training, Initiate, is something we just skipped for now because there are plenty of tutorials on what we plan to cover already, basic TOR and I2P usage and encrypting things.  This and the bitcoin section will be the points of focus for a little while.


Something that's new, that also isn't was new to me, but is also something that fans of PM2012 may be interested in is Cicada 3301.  I'm very surprised it never came up in the PM2012 discussions.  It has occurred in January of 2012 and 2013.  The mainstream news stories are flying around just in time for 2014 too, which does cause me to raise an eyebrow about it, but I'm curious nonetheless. If you'd like to have some discussion about it, I've opened up a topic on the forums to do so.  I'll add more detail to it if I get the time.


How about TYLER?  We never really saw a fully-fledged software version of it that many people were hoping for, but there is certainly a network of people built up that performs these kinds of tasks.  This network and it's tools keep evolving to try and keep up.  As for the software, there was a push around last December for this kind of network to be established on RetroShare, but now things are quiet about that.  There is also another promising project that's been in the works called The Pirate Network.  Details on it have been mostly scarce because it's been in development, but it utilizes hardware such as a Raspberry Pi to setup mesh networks in a city that can be used as a pirate network.  They are working on a social networking website that can be used on it.  The pirate networks that are setup can be used to broadcast things.  More details to come as things develop.


 There has been plenty more than has gone on over the year and we'll probably talk about it soon, but this article has taken enough time to come out and it looks like it will be about 11:11 when I have the other articles unlocked(made public) and this one is published.  I leave you with this pastebin and a #project2020 video by Veri Doctores:


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O TYLER, TYLER! wherefore art thou TYLER? PDF Print Email
Written by Xonox   
Friday, 09 November 2012 08:54

TYLER's release date was November 5th, but many people probably wonder where it is.  There wasn't a good software version of TYLER released on this date.  We are able to admit our mistakes and losses, we don't lie to ourselves about it.  We eVolve from it.  The concept of TYLER is not a bad one and it will continue to be worked on by various groups in various forms.  TYLER itself is quite a big project, it could also be that those working on such a project also got hung up on problems with it.  How often does software come out on time?  It is only a matter of time before a software version of TYLER comes out.  There are many people ready to test it out and look through the code, but there aren't as many able to write such a program.  The closest candidates that we know of right now are a project called trouspinet and gnunet, but both need work to be made worthy of being considered TYLER.

While the software version of TYLER has failed, there is a human version of TYLER already in place.  No doubt that there will be some that think this is just a BS reply, but the network of people that has been created through Anon, PM2012, Occupy, and whatever else, is very large.  This network also has the kind of trust relationships that are looked for, but that's not to say it's infallible.  If someone leaking gets info to some of these people and these people broadcast that info, others are sure to see the info and look into it.  The hard part is determining how trustworthy the sources are, but there is a distributed network setup.  If you were to ask around in Occupy groups, you would likely be able to find someone that knows how to spread important info.

This was probably all best said in a post on the forums made by apokalypsos, you can read it here.  A software TYLER has not appeared, battles are lost, but the war is only lost if you give up.  My outlook is:

Is your Magick working?

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Written by Xonox   
Monday, 05 November 2012 07:52

Today is the day to bring TYLER candidates into the world.  A thread has been opened where you can post your TYLER candidates or candidates you come across.  The thread can be located here.  From the thread:


This thread is meant to organize all TYLER candidates in an ORDOerly FASChion for memVers of The Collective™ to audit, test, and report any issues, ideas, or things of that nature.


'Ordo ab KOH.'

On the 5th of November 2012, TYLER will be out of beta testing. There are expected to be many versions of TYLER to be released.
On this day, the cypherhacker community is expected to audit all codes, along with choosing the best TYLER candidate. This massive code audit will be done from November 5th to December 11th. TYLER will be fully operational and released wild on the internet on December 12th, along an outpouring response to TYLER's arrival through social media by you, the people. 

RememVer, All TYLER candidates should be released with Source Code for audit and can be submitted via Twitter hashtag #TYLERCandidate

TYLER Pastebin (Cryptographically signed by PM2012)

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